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Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 October 2022
Good Causes

Good Causes


Due to the success of OddBalls since May 2014, we have been able to set up The OddBalls Foundation (registered charity no 1164815). Through this we hope to make a difference to male health all around the world. The OddBalls Foundation only exists through the sale of OddBalls products and donations, so thank you! If you want to be part of it then get in touch.

100% of all money donated to the Foundation is used to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. OddBalls as an underwear business covers all of the day to day running costs, so you can be sure that every penny that is raised for the Foundation is used to spread the awareness of Testicular Cancer and nothing else. This isn't something many charities can claim so we are proud to promote it.


SHIMS Ipswich

SHIMS is a local Charity - a self-help support group for people who have Multiple Sclerosis living in the Ipswich area.

Weekly meetings are held with Physiotherapy, Relaxation class and Therapy session provided. This is also an opportunity for meeting and discussing issues with other members of the group - our MS Family.



Since 2008, SKRUM has visited 650 of the 817 schools in Swaziland and each year we reach 12,000 young Swazis through school and community sessions. SKRUM introduces them to rugby takes the opportunity to educate the children in HIV/AIDS, gender & health awareness and the social skills necessary for healthy and responsible living. SKRUM also provides dedicated classroom sessions, explicitly reinforcing the crucial and life-changing HIV/AIDS message.


Dallaglio RugbyWorks

Our vision is to work with our young people on RugbyWorks, which is an intensive, long-term skills development programme based on the values of rugby, through which we aim to get teenagers outside of mainstream education into sustained education, employment or training.